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Greg is a passionate, enthusiatic instructor of Touch for Health, Ear Candling, Jaw Reset, Tiebtan Figure 8s, and SIPS 1+2 Kinesiology. He brings years of practical clinic experience with a warm, open heart  that delights in inspiring students to explore new possibilities in healing.

Level One
In Level One we set the foundation and learn the basics for many corrections which create a dramatic difference!

  • Accurate muscle testing to help pinpoint physical, nutritional, emotional concerns

  • Quick simple corrections that reduce pain , improve strength , and balance energy flow

  • Muscle – acupuncture meridian – organ – gland correlations; how they all influence each other

  • Physical corrections for muscles and tendons, (great for soft tissue injuries)

  • Surrogate testing (for babies, elderly, and animals)

  • Simple yet extremely powerful ways to reduce emotional stress around any life event, past, present or future

  • Correction methods which enhance lymphatic drainage and capillary blood flow to specific muscles and organs

  • Daily tune-ups to integrate your brain and improve your vitality

Touch for Health Classes

Level Two
In Level 2 we learn to balance using advanced protocols such as the Meridian Flow and Five Element Model which you will use through out the rest of your kinesiology training. A powerful launching pad! After doing a 14-muscle assessment, we now learn to use alarm points to find where the excess energy is. Then we use knowledge of the acupuncture meridian flows and the deeper Five Element energy flows to find the one-point that will correct all of the imbalances. This enables you to be much faster at doing a TFH Balance.

Learn Circuit locating to identify different types of switching (neurological disorganization) and exactly which corrections a muscle may need. i.e. Spinal, Lymphatic, Vascular, Meridian Trace, Acu Holding Points etc.

  • Circuit locating : Meridian wheel : Meridian alarm points

  • Cerebrospinal technique :Acupressure holding points

  • Law of Five Elements : Five element one-point balance

  • Spindle cell and golgi tendon (helps with injuries, adjust tension of muscles)

  • Cross crawl for brain integration : ESR for future events

  • Time-of-day balance (a fast way to eliminate pain and prevent jet lag)

  • Muscle tests and corrections for neck, shoulder, low back and knee regions: Anterior and Posterior Neck muscles : Brachioradialis, Rectus Abdominis, Sacrospinalis, Iliacus, Adductors, Piriformis, Sartorius, Popliteus, Rhomboid, Middle and Posterior Deltoid, Quadratus lumborum

Tibetan Figure 8s

Tibetan Figure 8’s are very easily applied by anyone at any skill level.Tibetan Figure 8’s feel delightful, light, clearing, centering and to be completely honest, create a very deep level of correction in the body. Tibetan Figure 8’s are often a priority correction for very complex menus because of their ability to integrate the body.
Tibetan Figure 8’s significantly influence all aspects of our bodies energy field; Aura, Chakras and Meridians. These directly affect nervous system and soft tissue function. Acting to “Centre and Integrate” the body, Tibetan 8’s can easily become one of your favorite “use it every where” techniques. You will also learn to clear emotions from the energy field, Chakra Toning and 5 Longevity exercises which can be done by anyone of any fitness level.

JAW Reset

The Temporal Mandibular Jaw joint is a common area of discomfort for many people. If you have ever clenched your jaw in a stressful situation you may not realize that you may still be holding stress. The TMJ is prone to holding stress, so a reset has a far reaching influence on many health conditions. Applying this easy to learn gentle treatment is the sole focus of the workshop. Relaxing soothing and as easy to use on yourself as it is on others.

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