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Touch for Health has benefited the health and well-being of over 10 million people around the world since 1970. This natural healing system uses dialogue, muscle testing, and touch reflexes to bring the whole person back into balance. It is a system that fosters self-awareness and nurtures the body's natural capacity to regenerate and heal itself. A Touch for Health balance can improve vitality, energy, balance, posture, attitude, and harmony.

John Thie developed Touch for Health from Applied Kinesiology as a system for lay people to use to make positive changes in their own health. It is a powerful, profound, intricate, and complete system that anyone can learn to make a difference in any condition in their lives.

Touch for Health links muscles and organs with the meridians of acupuncture. By monitoring a muscle we are able to observe where energy is flowing and where it is blocked. Reflex points, acupressure, and emotional stress release points are used to re-balance the energy flow. This can result in an immediate improvement in muscle strength, range of motion, and can release physical, mental, and emotional tension that were part of the imbalance.

There is always hope for some relief when facing disease, dysfunction, aches, pains, anxieties, or stress. Touch for Health is a safe, gentle, non-invasive way to improve any physical, mental, or emotional condition.

Practice Touch for Health Anywhere

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