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Greg is a wonderful person, an amazing instructor, and an awesome practitioner.  He is genuine and caring and patient.  I can’t say enough good things about him!  In one of his Touch for Health classes I took, he used me for a demonstration and in less than 5 minutes, literally, my frozen shoulder resolved.  I’d had this condition for about 3 years and since the demo, I have retained full mobility with no pain – and that was almost a year ago.  As a holistic practitioner and instructor of other modalities myself for both people and animals, Greg has inspired me to continue my studies in Specialized Kinesiology so that I can better serve those who cross my path.  He is a shining example of someone who lives his life with love in his heart, love that radiates to all he meets.
Alison Zeidler, RCRT, CEMT, QTP/I, Whitehorse, Yukon

Greg has inspired our family to explore new territory in successfully achieving the impossible in supporting our son with his developmental challenges. In the midst of feeling weighted down with the frustration and hopelessness of trying to help our child to function with the brain disorder he was born with, our paths crossed with Greg. Suddenly we had options and brand new opportunities for healing the root causes of our sons challenges. Greg is a remarkable combination of brilliant intelligence and grounded, heart-centered presence. We brought Greg up to teach Touch for Health classes in our community. Students and clients describe Greg as "solid like a giant oak tree", inspiring, encouraging, down to earth, and ingenious in practice. No matter if a person has an injury, physical or emotional discomfort, needs brain integration or is seeking support on a spiritual journey, I would recommend Greg as the best practitioner to work with.
Elissa Miskey, Reflexologist & Specialized Kinesiologist, Atlin, BC

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Greg as a partner in my healthcare since October 2012.  My first assessment with him yielded a grim picture of an acidic body with low nutrient access and high free radical and hydration stress. Within 1.5 months of my initial visit and following his recommendations, my nutrient absorption rates increased dramatically from 10% to 98% and my energy levels skyrocketed. In January 2014, I can report that high nutrient access has been maintained and my body pH is now consistently basic. The work that Greg has done with me has literally transformed my experience of feeling weak and having low energy to being strong and full of life.Greg excels at reading the needs of my body and tending to the causal forces which have inhibited both my health potential and athletic ability. In addition to nutritional support, I have sought treatment with Greg for knee and neck injuries resulting from biking and skiing accidents. With his specialized kinesiology and soft tissue skills, he is able to identify and treat both the physical and contributing mental/emotional stressors affecting my body. I have found that his holistic approach is the most effective, unobtrusive means of body treatment and the results have yielded an unexpected speed of recovery.
Greg is knowledgeable, skilled, articulate, passionate and unconventional in his approach.  I fully endorse him and hope that many others will have the opportunity to experience the fullness of health with a body that is supported to function as it is designed to.
Trina Metz
Senior Governance Advisor,  Nexen Energy ULC

In the many years that I have been seeing Greg, there have been some interesting changes.  One of the most important for me is the nutrient assessment through muscle testing.  It has provided me with a means of understanding what nutrients my body is lacking.  As well, the specialized kinesiology evaluations can even indicate where in my body there are blockages that interfere with the absorption of nutrients versus the lack of nutrients. He then applies corrections to improve my bodies ability access to those items.  Nutrients that Greg can test for, among many, are vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and hormones.   Many times he has tested me for nutritional supplements that I bring to see if they are of benefit to me and exactly how much benefit they provide. Greg has tested me to see where there are issues in my body be they related to organs, digestion, muscles, ligaments, the nervous system and more esoteric areas.  Then there is the healing part of the session with a final testing of the results.   One cannot go through a session with Greg without being affected in many ways. I truly think that the work that Greg does should be more widely known so that many others can benefit from his unique skills.
Sincerely, Joyce Gauthier, BSN, MS, LLB

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I welcome this opportunity to give my perspective on the professional attributes of Greg Webb. I have worked with Greg Webb for over a decade because, quite simply he is the best integrative body-worker I know. His skill set and qualifications are impressive, yet it is his intuitive ability to move amongst the tools and techniques at his disposal that really put him in a category all his own. He is innovative, creative and very open to working with his clients – I never feel like I am being worked “on”. He welcomes what his clients bring to the session and works with what he knows to meet their needs. I never know what to call Greg – saying he is a massage therapist, or a Touch for Health Practitioner, or any of his other numerous credentials would be like saying the world is a little bit interesting. Greg’s work is really not definable – until you experience a session, and the results. Greg was instrumental in identifying a nutritional challenge that was responsible for the chronic and debilitating health challenges I had experienced my entire life. I was in my early 40s when I met him, and his ability to pinpoint what was going on and support my body in gaining a balance I had never experienced was life-changing for me. His technique of checking absorption rates and then adjusting the body’s ability to increase those rates is, in my experience, new territory. Recently Greg supported me in the healthy release of 80 lbs over a 9 month period – and even more important – the successful maintenance of that healthier weight for over a year. Greg’s skill set is phenomenal. His personal ability to connect with clients makes it easy for me to refer my clients who benefit from his vast knowledge.
I am completely comfortable in recommending Greg to anyone wanting support in their journey to greater physical and emotional well-being, and would welcome any further questions at my contact information below.
Yours Sincerely, Suze Casey MEd, Reiki Master
Author: Belief Re-patterning®: The Amazing Technique for ‘Flipping the Switch’ to Positive Thoughts (Hay House, c. 2012)

I am a long time client of Greg’s and have benefited from his skills and treatments for a variety of things over the years. My two boys have also been clients of his, as well as my husband through a surrogate treatment. Eight years ago, I became seriously ill with a bowel inflammation.
The work I did with Greg contributed immensely to my physical healing while supporting a number of emotional issues that have not resurfaced since that time. Greg has corrected a number of muscle imbalances for my hockey playing son. He was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters and after 5 weeks of physio did nothing, 2 sessions with Greg left my son pain free with longer, more responsive muscles. Greg has also helped him with his mental game, building confidence in his play and shedding residual trauma from a previous concussion. In one session with Greg, my younger son became free from chronic exam anxiety and is now able to manage his schoolwork and studying with greater ease. My husband, while recognizing and grateful for the benefits myself and our boys have achieved with Greg’s treatments, would not go to see him for a session to deal with a chronic medical issue. Instead we did a surrogate balance and my husband’s condition resolved itself with no recurrence. We have also seen a real shift in his responses to emotional stressors (both his own and those he sees in others) as these were additional aspects that came up in the balance process. Over the years, I have referred many friends and colleagues to Greg, all with positive results. He is masterful at muscle checking and going where the body needs to go. His open, caring approaches creates an environment where optimal wellness can be achieved. He is insightful, flexible and completely focused on his clients’ needs. I highly recommend Greg as a team member for any holistic, multi-disciplinary health team.
Thank you, Pam August,
Org Development Specialist, WestJet

My name is Leona McCormick, Wholistic Therapist graduate of Wildrose College, with specialties in Reiki, Healing Touch, and Ear Candling. I have worked at a Health Food and Supplement store for 6 years and taken many courses in the industry. I have been a client of Greg Webb for 15 years and, during that time, he has helped me with many issues including body pain and emotional concerns. One of Greg’s accomplishments is pinpointing when my supplements are not working and why. Using Muscle Testing, Greg can find out if my body is able to use the supplement or if it is blocked by emotion or other stress factors, too much or too little of another nutrient, or if the form or brand of a supplement is right for me. For example, in the spring of 2012, I had a bone scan and it revealed I was on the high end of osteopaenia even though I was taking a good Calcium/Magnesium with cofactors. I asked Greg to find out why and it came down to the wrong form of boron and my body was not able to access any of the nutrients. He tested another product which worked better for me and opened the previously restricted absorption paths. In spring 2013, I had another bone scan and I was back in normal range. I have learned so much from Greg and trust him and his abilities to find the answers. Thank you, Greg.
Sincerely, Leona McCormick Wholistic Therapist, Calgary

My name is Kristen Arndt, I am a Massage Therapist as well have levels 1-4 of Touch for Health. I have owed my own massage business for the past 9 years. I met Greg Webb two years ago when I started taking Touch for Health classes as he is the instructor. During the last Touch for Health class I had asked Greg to have a look at my 12 year old son, Ethan, as he was having stomach issues. I had determined it was nutritional sensitivities and we had tried eliminating different foods but nothing seemed to make that much difference. One noon hour Greg did a surrogate treatment on Ethan (he was at home in Saskatchewan at the time) and it revealed that Ethan had many nutrient pathways that were completely blocked. Through Touch for Health and other modalities we opened those pathways so he is now able to absorb those nutrients. Since that first surrogate treatment his stomach aches are few and far between. Ethan did meet with Greg is person for a follow up treatment and all his nutrient levels were greatly increased. This was great news. Thanks Greg for your knowledge and ability to help with nutritional issues. Ethan continues to get better everyday, even frequent muscle pain which he used to comment on is less of a problem.
Sincerely, Kristen Arndt RMT Maple Creek, Saskatchewan

Greg Webb solved my chronic pain due to a previously broken back in less than 2 months. In my early thirties I became disabled due to chronic pain caused by a motorcycle accident in my teens. I spent several years and several thousands of dollars searching for a remedy. I tried everything; physiotherapy, chiropractics, acupuncture, all types of massage therapy, and meditation. I then trained with a physical trainer for 2 years. Nothing relieved the pain or the symptoms that went along with it. Medication and or surgery were my last hope. Thankfully I did not have to go there because that is when I met Greg Webb. That was over four years ago. I now play tennis multiple times a week, I am as fit and strong as I have ever been and yes, I am pain free. Greg has a unique ability to address the root cause of symptoms that are often overlooked by other industry professionals. Over the years Greg has treated my family and friends with similar results. Thanks Greg, you are a true life saver.
Bruce Heninger

In March, 2010, two dogs barrelled into me at the dog park, resulting in torn ligaments and other injuries. After 3 months of wearing a splint, then a brace, followed by physiotherapy, I was still experiencing pain. In the autumn I had an appointment with Greg Webb. The way he worked was very comfortable for me, and at the end of 2 hours I felt so free and relieved that I jumped up and down on the stairs pain free. Since then I have gone to see Greg after several accidents (having a big, strong dog has contributed to a few). Under Greg's care I have always experienced relief, and I appreciate his honesty, manner, and thorough knowledge of the workings of the human body. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Gilly Engel High River, AB

My name is Jeff Engel. I have been teaching Yoga since 1970, and Pilates since 2002. I am also a Reiki practitioner. Over the years I have benefited from chiropractic adjustments, standard Massage Therapy, Reiki, Physiotherapy, and Acupuncture, but never experienced the tension relief, lightness, and vastly increased range of motion that I experienced under Greg's knowing care.
In November, 2012, I slipped and fell on the ice, hitting the back of my head on the curb, giving me a gash that required stitches. Within a short period of time I could feel my body reacting to the trauma: tightness in my neck, shoulders and back, weakness in my legs, and reduced strength and range of motion in my arms. I was also very much aware of my growing concern over the injury, since I know how destructive an incident like that can be. In a 3 hour session with Greg, he released the emotional trauma that was locked in the muscles, released the physical tension in my muscles, increased the range of motion in my neck, shoulders, back and hips, and had me feeling calm and light once again. With the tools, techniques, knowledge, and understanding that Greg has, he quickly and painlessly resolved all my issues. In teaching Yoga/Pilates I meet a number of people who have pre-existing issues that prevent them from benefiting fully from Yoga or Pilates, and it is wonderful to have Greg to refer them to. Without hesitation, I would recommend him to anyone.
Jeff Engel, High River AB. 403-652-2860





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