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Muscle monitoring biofeedback allows the innate wisdom of your body to communicate what it most needs for health and healing. Greg masterfully integrates his extensive knowledge of human anatomy with many different modalities to discover what your body needs to get back into balance.

Inflammatory Intestinal Conditions
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut, Chron's Disease


Emotional Healing and Relationship Challenges

Muscle Monitoring Biofeedback offers easy options for emotional healing. Emotions held inside our bodies can be gently and peacefully released, creating more space for inner peace, love, and connection with ourselves and in our relationships with others, work, friends or family. These protocols provide support for balancing emotions such as; grief, anger, anxiety, depression, rage, addictions, guilt, hopelessness and frustration. These emotions can be released from the muscles of our body, from the subconscious parts of our brain, and from our chakras and energy field. As we choose to let go of negative emotion and tension, new possibilities open up in all aspects of our lives.


Soft Tissue Concerns
Fascia  Muscle   Tendon   Ligament
Each of these can be pre-released of tensions for greater comfort during treament and improved result.

Helping your body recover more rapidly.

Pain Relief & Injuries
Specialized protocols to help relieve pain and help injuries to heal faster and more deeply. Explore either physical body pain relief, or how releasing emotions and blocked energy allows the body to heal itself in record time.


Muscle monitor for food sensitivities

What to eat, What to Avoid

Determining beneficial vitamins and supplements

Clear nutrient stress to open up nutrient assimilation = faster healing

Brain Integration



  • Think clearly in stressful situations i.e. school, work, and interpersonal relationships

  • Brain injuries

  • Developmental challenges

  • Learning challenges

  • Short and long term memory

  • Enhanced mental focus

  • Visual and auditory processing

  • Enhance motor coordination

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