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Hydration and Nutrient Assimilation

Specific parts of the body often develop metabolic recognition stress to water  and select nutrients.

Although a person’s general body might be fine, a body region that has an injury, stress, pain, or trauma is most often reduced in its ability to assimilate water and therefore vital nutrients required for its daily metabolic activities.

When these restrictions are cleared with specialized protocols involving gentle touch of reflexes, the body is now able to utilize vital nutrients and detoxify.

The body region re-initiates healing and clearer function in a much shorter time and regeneration can begin with much greater ease

Conditions Improved from Clearing Metabolic Pathways

  • Neuropathy

  • Neurological disorders

  • Digestive disorders

  • Inflammatory intestinal conditions

  • Arthritis

  • Skin disorders

  • Organ and gland function imbalances

  • Bursa complaints

  • Bone density issues

  • Injuries

Other Potential Applications:·          

Mystery Conditions: People who live a healthy lifestyle and try different therapies without seeing a big break through. This is a classic profile for hidden nutrient path metabolic stress.·         Nutrient Assimilation Problems: Anyone who has ever been told they have problems metabolizing any VITAMIN, MINERAL, AMINO ACID OR FAT.·        

Body region symptoms The affected region most often has restrictions to key nutrients required for either anatomy maintenance or physiological function.·        

Clearing mom and baby to individual nutrients can be a big help with baby’s response to breast milk and other food sources.

Clearing Hydration and Nutrient Blocks with Specialized Kinesiology

An anlogy

Hello Front Desk, This is Vitamin C, I am locked out of my room and am needed inside!

Hotels now use a plastic card with a magnetic stripe for their door keys. Occasionally the card reader loses the ability to read the card and you must go to have the card “reset”.  Nutrition behaves in a similar manner. Each nutrient has a unique chemical composition and electromagnetic signature. Each has its own special “entrance” known as a receptor site on cell walls. What appears to happen is the receptor site loses its ability to recognize the “passcode” being offered by the nutrient, and is not able to recognize, access or metabolize it.  The result is Hidden Nutrient Restrictions, also known as Relative Nutritional Deficiencies, a growing field in forward thinking medical approaches. My clinic study has revealed that SIPS 0 is able to help delineate and clear these hidden metabolic stress paths, the clearing lasting for an extended period of time. The outcome of this process has been life changing for many on the receiving end.

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