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Greg uses 27 years of clinic experience and over 90 certificates of training to investigate a large variety of life and health concerns. His clinic approach recognizes the interconnections present between all aspects of our life and has tools to address these imbalances, often succeeding where others do not. PS Gives a great massage too :D 

Body Systems


Nervous System

Digestive System

Lymphatic System

Immune System

Endocrine System

Respiratory System

Emotional Body

Thoughts combined with feelings   create emotion chemistry with a postal code. Each body region and tissue type acts as its own mail box for storing the emotions of life.  Psychosomatic conditions result.  Clearing the stress of stored memories often creates surprising changes in physical conditions and behavior patterns.

Physical Body










Mental Body




Subconscious patterns

Mental focus & clarity

Brain Regions

Brain Pathways

Human Cells

Each part of our being is comprised of cells. Each cell has many sub-components "Organelles" which act as the staff who do the work for that body region. These Organelles respond well to corrections, helping to reduce symptoms and restore balance of health to many conditions.

Each person's body is the world's most comprehensive source of knowledge of everything going on in their body that is working great, not so great, or would like a bit of help. The knowledge of the person guides the session, identifying the greatest stress or blockage related to any given issue, and the best techniques for correction.

Nutrition & Biochemistry

Intake VS Access

All body parts require nutrition. My clinic research has revealed that many imbalances are a result of nutrients present in a person diet not being able to be recognized for metabolism. Leading to imbalances of deficiency or excess of a nutrient. This is easy to clear and often life changing for people.

Energetic Body







All are responsible for the quality and quantity of life energy necessary for health in all functions of our life.

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