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Discover and correct causes of stress and imbalance in your body

Your body knows exactly what you need to get back into balance. Greg masterfully uses muscle monitoring biofeedback to allow your body to communicate it's vast knowledge to guide your journey to health and healing.

Discover your body's wisdom and open the doorway to healing on physical, mental, emotional, nutitional, and energetic levels.

* Inflammatory intestinal conditions * Relationship Challenges * Muscle, tendon, & ligament issues * Injuries

* Nutritional assimilation  * Neuropathy * Brain and Mental Health Improvment  * Meridian, chakra, and aura balancing * Personal Development * Surrogate work for infants, elderly and those who cannot come to clinic space

Inflammatory Intestinal Conditions
Kangen Water


Anatomy of Kinesiology DVD

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Anatomy of Kinesiology DVD

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